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Episode 22 · 4 months ago

22: How Caregivers can increase their Productivity in the Summer


Summer is known as the period for the majority of people to relax and take off the load from what they have been doing.However, as a caregiver, it is important that you stay active as you may be the primary/secondary caregiver to your loved ones.So how do you do that? Find out in this episode where I share tips and tricks for you to increase your productivity this summer.CONNECT WITH ROZ JONESYoutube: Jacksonville's Best CaregiversLinkedIn: Rosalind Jones

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Hey Guys, how are you doing today? Can I get you started with something to drink, because you're aging loved one home alone forgetting to take medicine or pay bills. The Caregiver Cafe with Roz Jones has a menu of resources to serve your caregiver needs. As a caregiver, Roz understands your daily challenges. This podcast focuses on the unique and dynamic issues of caregiving. Good even good evening. I am Ross Jones, the CEO and owner of Jackson Pille's best caregivers. Will we help expand the life of your love and why do we do it? We do want to help the caregivers to produce that s o s on your journey, which is being stress overwhelmed, and for body safety and security. When you can't do it all, give us a call. I want to welcome those who are on KPC and as well as in clubhouse. We're simulcasting and not only are we uh broadcasting on KPC and we're also on I G and Linkedin Roku and twitch, if I'm saying that correctly. But once again I want to thank everyone who's not only in the room but also who will be watching the replay of the broadcast and saying hello to our live viewers on KBC. And tonight we are talking about how caregivers can increase their productivity in the summer, how we can increase our productivity in the summer. A lot of times the summertime is a lazy time, relaxed, vacations, kids are out of school and sometimes some things may not get done. We have good attentions. However, we lose focus and we're not as productive and then, when the summer is over, Oh my God, I should have done this, I should have done that. So how can we make sure that those summer months don't slow us down too much to where we lose our focus and forget what we're supposed to do? So I want to welcome Nigeria to the room here in clubhouse and once again welcome everybody who's watching on kbcn and their subsidiary distributions. Um, the first thing we want to talk about when you're trying to focus during the summertime is meditation. Now we don't have to go through the home, you know, um I call it to Kom Bay, Y'all, and some people say I don't know how to meditate. Well, you know that if you just stop and take a deep breath and blow out, take a deep breath in and blow out. That's a part of meditation. Just stopping, taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, and sometimes that will help you and a lot of times that will help you. We focus. Just stop, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and blow out. Take a deep breath in and blow out. Now only doesn't help you, but it may say somebody's life. I'm just joking, honey, but anyway, I say that because when you're taking care of a loved one, sometimes they can get under your skin and plug your nerves, plasks, plug tivity or Piss you off past pisstivity, and...

...sometimes you need to take a step back and take a deep breath and meditation or take a deep breath will help you regain your focus, reset and then go ahead and move on with whatever your activity or productivity was. So the next one is is that we want to have a to do list as the summer rolls around. A lot of times we say, Oh, I'll get to it in the fall or I'll get to it Um, you know, whenever I can get to it. But sometimes we have to maintain a regiment. WE HAVE TO MAINTAIN A to do list, having a well planned out to do list. It's very important. This is so important. So say, for instance, if you are taking your loved one to the doctor in the morning at ten, then once you get done, let's do a little excursion. I need to go grocery shopping, I need to pick up your prescription. Let's make a day trip out of it so that you are accomplishing, you know, a lot of things in one day. So if you plan it out well and whoever you're taking to a doctor, whether it be a family or whether it be a friend, then you know, uh, this will help you keep you focused and then you are accomplishing small tasks which will help you feel good in your successful and you're like, okay, I got it done. And so a lot of times when I'm taking out uh, people to the doctor or for whatever reason, Hey, what else do we need to do? Let's make a list, let's make a plan, and they may say, I need to, you know, go to the grocery store, or I may need to, you know, go visit my sister or whatever. Let's do all this in one day. You know, all or none. And it's easier like that. And not only is it good for you, but it's also good for them to get them out of the house from being boxed in all day long. So, you know, number women talked about meditation. Number two, we talked about having a to do list, but not only happening to do list, but planning around whether you're going to the doctor or maybe going to the beauty parlor. Make sure that you do that. So the next thing is what I need to do so bad, which is exercise. Let me say that again, exercise. Exercise will help keep you focused because, you know, as you continue to do it every day and you're consistent with it, Um over time you will see how exercising will help you. Number one, sleep better. It's good for your digestive system. It's good for when you extract, which is, you know, tinkling and Poople, and I'm just gonna be for real with you. And then it also too. It helps you and you can meditate while you are walking. You can listen to music or you can listen to your favorite book or your favorite podcast, which I know is the caregiver for cafe. So exercising is good. Exercising helps reduce stress. It's it's a really a maintenance for the body. You know, it helps you know,... I said, reduced or alleviate stress, reduced or alleviate blood pressure, Um, good for the digestive system. It's just a lot of things that it is good for when you exercise. So the next thing I want to talk about is the clutter. I don't even want to show you my office. I just told the executive producer of the show here, James, I said I need so I need for some one to come and clean, to come and clean my house, in my office, because I've been working so much, I'm so exhausted. All I've been doing is coming in and plopping down and going to sleep and get right back up and leave right back out, and that has not been good. But what has happened is is that because I have all this cutter now. You know, it's it's hard to creating clutter. You come home, it's a distraction, you know, you keep saying I'm gonna get to it and I'm gonna get to it, but the piles keep getting higher and higher. So what are some of the things that we can do to declutter? Start with small piles and that's what I've done. I put things in piles, and so would I said, I'M gonna I'm a tackle one mountain at a time, and that's what you do. You're taking you know, I have boxes. So you know, this is Um you know, maybe like old bills or old sales papers and stuff. Some of this stuff can be recycled. So as you declutter, you have things in boxes, and so I have them in boxes, and so I'm gonna look at this box on one day and go through the whole box until it's finished, and then I have another box. As for goodwill. I have another box where I maybe want to donate, you know, to omissions, or books that I want to take to a bookstore to resell. So there's a lot of things that we could do with decluttering. DECLUTTERING can also turn into a garage sale and that little extra money that you get you can do something for yourself. So decluttering your house is a good thing. Yes, it is. And UH, now you're if you want to come up to see anything. Yes, she says she needs an exercise. Honey, look, I know I'm twenty thirty pounds over the way. So hopefully, hopefully, uh, by the next episode you might see Lesser Chin because I'm walking. So we've talked about that. So we talked about decluttering your environment. The next thing is decluttering your mind. This was a big one for me. decluttering my mind was huge because I'm so tired and even in my sleep I was thinking. I keep a notebook by the bed because sometimes I get up in the middle of night and I was writing to do listen going back to sleep, and sometimes I had I had to depend on paper in my hand all my chest to sleep. Yes, I was. I'm guilty of that. So I was best because I was doing too much. So I made a decision. I made a decision to declutter my mind, and the way I did that was I let go of a night job. I let it go, and the benefits of return on investment is that now... mind I can rest totally for eight hours, and that rest is so important because when your body is burning at both ends of the candle, like what I was doing, and it feels good to say what I was doing, um it. Now I can see the difference in my body. I can see, you know, my stomach is not as bloated because now I'm eating. I can prepare my meals. Okay, so, when I decluttered my mind and made that change, I'm eating better, I'm resting better, I'm drinking more water, my thoughts are clear. H My decisions are clear. I'm I'm accomplishing more, but but with the right decisions and not with the wrong decision. So I'm not making decisions out of fatigue, I'm making decisions out of rest and not out of crisis, because a lot of times my body was in fighting flight. And so with that I was not able to make really Um um good decisions because my mind was just so earned. Okay, and then that's final. What I wanted to talk about was taking a break. Recently, I took a vacation and went to Tampa and I realized that when I went to Tampa to take this break, it was so good because it made me, it made me realize that, Um, I'm trying to us want to you put yourself on mute, Darling. Thank you. So, when I took the break and I went to Tampa, my body was able to rest and while I was in Tampa, somebody said you gotta let go, you gotta let go to growth, and from that moment that's when I'm made a decision to let go. So when I let go I had to depend on my higher power that I believe in. This is just Roger Jones talking. So when I let go of that night job, my body in the last seven days a few pounds have come off and I know part of that was stress or part of it was because I was not getting enough rest. And your body will retain water when it's stress, when it's not been able to reset and and rejuvenate and, you know, and relax. Your body does not have time to push the the fludes is supposed to push out all that stuff during the night. I wasn't resting long enough to have all that pushed out. So those are some of the things that I'm going to interduce my co host that we talked about. So far as being productive during the summer, I talked about meditation, having to to do list, exercise, declutter your environment, the clutter your mind and take a break. So I want to introduce my my Um Co moderated Consuela Marshall Out...

...of Louisiana. Consuela, can you introduce yourself and maybe talk a little bit about the topic? Yes, hello, Rossland and Um, I am Consuela. I am an occupational therapist and I'm also a caregiver, coach, Um, and and a consultant. And I this is such a good topic about increasing productivity in summer time. You know, it just reminds me of of summer breaking school when we're in grade school and high school and you get those summer greats. It is just that breaking from the norm. Uh. It's just some kind of way it just makes you feel like a fresh start. It allows you to just decompress and let go of all of that the anxiety and the build up and the Um deep routine of summer, I mean a school. And I tend to have that same approach in my work life now that as as even I'm now still a part time home health therapist, that in the summertime I don't work as hard I used the summer to just sort of reset, to just take a break from all of them, the more up what upbe rushed things that I tend to do all your Mon and just making those times to just be a little bit more mellow in the summertime. UH, look, I still gotta work, I said, gotta do things, but I really toned it down, uh, in the amount of work that I'm doing and just leaving space for to be just refreshing, be rejuvenated, and I think that it's just really so important, even as a caregiver, that in the summertime, you start taking inventorial who can be available now that typically isn't available during the year because, number one, that they have other duties that they do throughout the new year. Maybe they still other some people may work maybe a teacher and not employee during the summer, or that they may have children or grandchildren that they were intending to were doing things or that those are not factors that they do in the summer and they can. It can mean that there's some more availability for you to build in some time for yourself, because you can start utilizing those people who can be available for you. So in the the summer season it's just a time to just refreshing, just rethink things Um and and drawing in other people and don't think in a different way that you may not have done all year, and it just makes things sort of refreshing. H It gives you sort of a a loan...

...from the Hustle and bustle, uh, before going back into that falls season. So, rose, I do agree that listening Um to your body and in finding those parents of risk. Uh, it's just value before your health and for your whole well, mental well, reading as well. So Um, yeah, that's what I'm just wanting to add to the conversation here today. Thank you. Thank you, count sweller. Count Sweller, Um, I came up with a good point. I didn't even think about. That was a lot of times people are taking vacations in the summer and people are more available, which will give you an opportunity to say, Hey, I'm planning way in advance, way, way, way in advance, you know, during your vacation, your two or three month vacation, can you afford at least one week to come here and stay with mom, Dad, whoever, so that I can have a break? And when you plan ahead like that, and I always say care giving, it's not perfection, it's about preparation and we've talked about this, as we talked about focusing, you know, so far as making it to do list, and part of that to do list would be okay, I know I want to take off to the summer. I know I want to do something different. There are people around me. Like she said, school teachers or even retired school teachers that may want to come in and say hey, I want to help. And these are the type of things that you need to think about as you're trying to focus and reset for the summer. You need a break from the person you're taking care of, and trust me, a person you're taking care of needs a break from you. I'm not trying to be fun, I'm just being serious because during this seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, takes a toll on you mentally, physically, spiritually. Um, do you know, like I said, I had bad eating habits. I was you know, con Consteller, tell you, Lord Jesus, she gets on me all the time to put down them cheet though. Don't drink that eatygy drink. You got to eat your vegetables. If I hear that one more time, I think I'M gonna scream. But she's doing it because she cares and she saw how I was. I was not taking care of myself and she's always saying, rosaually, gotta do better. But that's a good friend and good accountability partner that can recognize something, and that's what caregiving it is about that you have a group of people that can say hey, you gotta get it together. Are you not gonna be here for that person? And I would, like I said, Tampa was a wake up for me, and sometimes it just takes a change of atmosphere, like I talked about before, you know, so far as helping you focus, changing your atmosphere, changing where you are, to realize that, hey, even though I'm the boss, you know, I need to do better. I have to do better...

...because at the end of the day, if something happens to me, my business technically closes. You know, uh, you know, there's some other things in place that could you know, uh, it would sell to someone else, but for the most part it would. It would really shut down. It would really shut down. So I have to look at that and then also make preparations too, so that when it is time for me to retire, that I can retire and the business can still go on. But I couldn't do that if I was working seven so this are some of the things that I just wanted to talk about and how important it is to make sure that during the summer. I just want to do another quick recap, uh, that that you do meditation. You happen to do less, you exercise the clut your environment, to Cluar your mind and take a break, take time to get away. This is so important and constantly even talked about how people are Um as as they're taking the summer break. Some of these people who are retired teachers or you know who don't, who only work eight or nine months out the year, you can ask one of them to come in and say, Hey, can you give me a few days sometimes during the summer so that I can get away and, you know, make life better for me and for the person I'm taking care of. So I wanted to invite people up from the audience. Renee, you're always a great supporter, and Lena, if you want to come up and count sweller, did you have anything else to say? You know. I just also wanted to say for those of you all who aren't caregivers, that the summer time also brings in an opportunity for you to get the young Bergenner and involved in the the caregiving process. Uh, it has always been creative and making things light and fun. UH, finding opportunities for the grand children or people who may Um, and I mean covid rings about just a registrate, how things these days. But another element of it's just really finding those moments of the day when someone who's really like unskilled and do doesn't have to really do anything physical, but you can show up in the eyes and ears so that you can get away from you get away from two hours because you've gone to strategically plan these alleys in the summer, after you you know a secure of your herb have done all the heavy lifting, you've done all the read down and dirty things on it, and maybe your loved one is going down for a Nag and maybe that there is someone who's non skilled that or even from meal you'll be doing Um caregiving where but somebody that you trust, that can be in the home, that can even that can even assists remotely in the home meeting. If you still have these concerns about the bodies that you've all one is...

...sleeping, but you have a camera system in their room and that person, who may be just a teenager, that could be fifteen, six and seventeen, but responsible enough to just show up and just be there, sitting in the kitchen or being on another location in the room that would love to be paid. Uh, you know ten and twelve dollars should just sit there or just so you know, just an amount to just be there so you can get away for two or three hours while your loved one is really not in a place where they need a hole a whole lot of need and may not need anything directly done to them, but just having that assurance that so was someone's there in the home in present the summer can bring about some of those opportunities for even for those people who are skinnish of people because they don't like that medical part, they don't like the nitty gritty of caregiving and they have fears that you know that that's just not there, but they do want to help you, uh, and you can sort of use some of that time and looking at the available the ability of just using what that person can bring to the table in the way of just sitting there and just being a presence or just even just being a conversation for a person who can just converse with them while you get out and about, and even utilizing some of your loved one's friends who they make up somebody who still gets around and about that want to come over and just get well, we say just some fellowship time with them. Uh, those opportunities can be more readily available in the summer when those people are team to be out and can get out more, versus those winter times where they're not going to leave the house because they don't want to, you know, get a cold or they think they may get you know, those Um, those respiratory things, and they may be more available in the summer. Uh, just really just sort of being creating on how you can fun space to just get away and you know, you might think an hour may might be enough, but if that's all you can get, your surprise if you're building that hour several times a week and you're getting that person comfortable in that room, because they may be only started off an hour and then they like this wasn't that bad all the day was sitting talked to her and she said the same thing over and over again. But they gained some type of comfort level and interaction with somebody older or somebody who may be cognitively not all there, but they can still have a pleasant conversation with him. You can invite more people into your to your life, and it's a help in you by just letting your bar down a little bit and accepting little chunks of health at a time and being really creative about about that. And you might be surprised how then we lead to something beaver down the road. So I just wanted to throw that out. I don't speaking cast wall. Thank... so much, and let me quickly reset the room. You're earned a caregiver cafe club here on Club House. We are also simulcasting on KPC and I G and Linkedin as well. Let's facebook. We want to thank keep seeing for being a partner and having a stream out also to Roku and twitch as well. So, with that being said, we want to turn it over and see if our guests, renee, would like to say anything. Renee, and we also want to thank Lena and Love Renee for being in the listening lounge. Renee, it's all yours. Thank you, Ros I'm really happy to be here tonight. Thanks for letting me speak in Contula. and Um, that's Leverne down there and UM, Lima. Thank you. Um, I really can my I really resonate with this conversation because, Um, probably three right throughing the pandemic Um, which was about three years ago. Now our kids, because you know, we have the multi generational. We have two younger kids and then we had my parents. So the kids had to be incorporated in our team because we they were home, we were home, my parents were home and they got used to my mom is a movie buff. She always has been. Um. So the kids got used to sitting and watching movies with my mom Um and they got to know her personality. Because of her stroke, her personality didn't really show up and they got to see her laughing and at the joke that she got it and they got that she got it. So it built a relationship that they knew. So even now, three years later, I can say, okay, I'M gonna run up to the to the grocery store. Um, whose turn is it? WHO's gonna go sit with especially if it's after her time to go to bed and she'll stay up for a while to watch a movie or something, and none all of the kids our game. They're just like, well, who's turning a bit? And none of them are saying no, I don't want to go, or I'm afraid to go, or I don't want to go on my mom's room like they all feel comfortable. They love it because they know she loved it, even though she didn't say much. Um, so for the summer, because everybody's home, that can happen during the day. I can run out and that can happen in the evening, you know, for like an hour or not major but, um, I love that. We we had to, we kind of go facebook that choice to incorporate everyone, and it's paying off now because they all, Um, you know, they have that comfortability with her and they're not afraid to be all right, like you said, they don't need to do anything, just sit and enjoy a movie. But that, that to me is priceless. Um.

So I can run out and get a break, even if I walk up the street, that's a break, and they'll begin, I know that they'll keep an eye or they'll text me if it's something, you know, strange happening. So yeah, that's my share and thank you. I want to say this renee. When my grandmother was sick and when I used to go sit with her, those were some of the most precious memories for me. So please know that your children, you know, as time goes on and you know, as whenever the transition happens, they will be able to go back and say, you know, grandmother and I sat down and looked at this movie or I appreciate the time that I had with her, you know. So I truly understand that because, like I said, as my grandma grandparents began to become ill, I was really the designated grandchild that would go over, you know, and not you know, not even no one even asked me to do it. I just went into before the world caregiver was out, probably I was caregiving. And this was this was in high school. And, you know, I remember my grandmother, Grandfather, falling, sicking right in my face, having a stroke, fixing US ice cream. I can remember it to this day. And we were in the summertime. Here we go, it was the summertime. My mother sent us down to take care of my grandfather and he was standing at the end of the counter fixing us ice cream and he fell and that was his first stroke. And because we were there, because my now my grandmother, was outside talking to someone, what if we hadn't been there, time would have lapsed, we would have lost a lot of time. But because we were there, we were able to dial and get the ambulance to come and so on and so forth. But what if she had we had not and out there. She had been standing outside talking and he fell on the on the ground. He May, you know, we may not have saved him. So I want to say that to say that, yes, having the children there is a good thing, even though I saw my grandfather have a heart attack. Uh, you know, it was a good thing. As I look back, it was a good thing because it made me appreciate them and appreciate life. And so I'm saying all that to say that, UM, they're they're going to appreciate that time and, you know, keep using them, keep using them. So, uh, I know that, as they say in the church, to time has been well spent. Is there anybody else that wanted to say anything? Uh? And they said, well, the memories. Yes, Oh my God it girl. I can tell you, I can tell you so many. But nonetheless, because we would go down every summer. So, you know, we would go during the summer. Our other cousins would be down there the other nine months, and so, you know, it was really cool to be to go down uh in Louisiana,... know. So it was great. So would that being said, counts roll over they do you have anything else to say? If not, I'm going to close the room and give you a few minutes to take your mic off. If you have anything else to say. Once again, I'll go head every nate, go ahead. I was just gonna say you just got me going here because, Um, I was there for my grandfather, my grandmother, she had gone on and I, me and my boys, when big were Teeney, we used to drive down and sit with him. That's what I recalled it. I don't know why they called it that, but we would go sit, we said, with him. When you did it, do the same round. Yeah, sit with them. But I will say this because my father is you know, uh, it's it's more, you know, some other side effects of sundown and that be aggressive. One of the things I stressed with the kids is them understanding it's an illness and not to take a personal because I don't want them to do anything out of them being frustrated because of his frustration. I'm like, no, that's your grandfather. We just have to figure out ways to do it, because I don't want to alter those memories. I mean I don't have a negative memory. If you know what I'm trying, I'm trying to say it. Yeah, I mean, yeah, even even when my grandfather plucked my nerves, my grandmother used to come and say she she called my grandfather Daddy, and we all called him Daddy. They don't want to take a bath. I said, you tell Daddy, I'm on my way. By the time I got there, trust me, he had taken a bath. I said, Oh, I'm gonna help you take one. We laugh about it now. It was the funniest thing because he wouldn't listen to anybody else but me. I wonder why, but you know, Um, that was a part of caregiving. You know, I used to go sit with him, I used to go take, you know, groceries, we used to go on trips together, all kind of stuff and uh, I think sometimes my grandfather did that just so he could see me. I didn't understand it then, but I understand it now. He just wanted me to come over and he didn't know how to show love and that was his only way at the end of the day. So that's that's that's the you know, the conclusion I came to. He kept doing this stuff, the same stuff, over and over again, but he at the end of the day he just wanted to see Ros. This all, and so I wasn't angry about it, I just laughed about it. So, but renee, thank you for sharing. Everyone. Thank you so much for uh Um sharing and uh law, renee, if from saying the correctly, peace, but giving from his pronouncing your name earlier and console. I thank you so much. Once again. This is the kid give a cafe club. We are fortunate to simulcasts on kbcn uh... and they also broadcast us out to I g, facebook and Linkedin, as well as Blueco, Roku and twitch. I want to thank the KPC and family for allowing us to come on and to broadcast this, as we simulcast also on clubhouse in the Caregiver Cafe Club. Once again, I am Ros Jones, the CEO and owner of Jacksonville's best caregivers, where we help provide uh care to one in four specialized areas, which considered homemaker companion, home health aid and certified nursing assistant. When you can't do it all, give us a call and remember caregiving is uh preparation, not perfection. Once again, I thank you all for coming into the room and it'll close uh in just a minute. As we do the closing ending thank you so much. Until your next visit to the caregiver cafe, connect with Ros on Youtube, Linkedin and her blog at the caregiver cafe dot net. Caregiver Cafe podcast specializes in serving those who provide care and support to a sick or aging loved one. I'm the voice guy, but I'm one of you, so when Ross has on experts or frontline workers, I'm listening. We hope you've enjoyed the show. In the meantime, don't forget to connect with Ras on Youtube, linked in or at the blog at the caregiver cafe dot net.

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