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Episode 11 · 6 months ago

11: Struggling with being patient as a Caregiver


Caring for an aging or sick loved one often requires an enormous commitment of time and energy — not to mention deep wells of patience, compassion, and empathy.In this episode, we tackle the six reasons why one may be impatient while caring for a loved one.CONNECT WITH ROZ JONESYoutube: Jacksonville's Best CaregiversLinkedIn: Rosalind JonesInstagram: @rozjonesenterprisesBlog: The Caregiver Cafe BlogWebsite:

Hey Guys, how are you doing today? Can I get you started with something to drink? Is You're aging loved one home alone forgetting to take medicine or pay bills? The Caregiver cafe with Ross Jones has a menu of resources to serve your caregiver needs. As a caregiver, Ros understands your daily challenges. This podcast focuses on the unique and dynamic issues of caregiving. Once again, welcome back to the caregiver cafe. I'm so excited to have you all come back and thank you so much for downloading, listening and subscribing to our podcast. We are getting an overwhelming amount of people listening and also reaching out already about the podcast. So I am excited and thank you so much again for being a subscriber and listen. Today we are going to talk about reasons we struggle with patients. Reasons we struggle with patients. Well, I have a thin line when it comes to patients. I'm going to be I'M gonna... here, I'm gonna be honest with you. Gonna be honest with you reason why we struggle with patients. So let's go ahead and get started. So a lot of times let's let's start from the beginning of the morning. When we get up in the morning. A lot of times, you know, we could oversleep. You know we hit that snows button, snooze button, the sometimes we forget, you know that we've turned off and that now we're running late. A flat tire, you know, one of more things happen and you might explode, and and so on, thiss on and so forth. So every day, every day, we fight to maintain a sense of calm. I know I fight for that daily. You know around what pushes our buttons? There are some things that just push my buttons and I can go from zero to ten. I'm like a on Day tota speedway, honey. I can go around there at five hundred miles per hour and you know it don't sometime. I don't take much to set me off. But but we have to be able to control that a little better. So not only am I talking to you, but I'm talking this is also for me... well. It's that it for me. So six reasons why people are in patient. Let's that's really tackle that really quick. A lot of tells because of a society is such at a fast pace and we get so now we get frustrated over small things. Well, before, small things probably wouldn't have bothered us. So, even though we need to learn how to be patient, we struggle. We struggle with this and these are the reasons why. Number One, our habits are disrupted. You know, some people are you, some people very habitual. I got to get up, I gotta Bush my teeth, you know. I make up the bed, I fix breakfast, I kiss the dog, I kissed my wife, or maybe I should kiss my wife and then and then and then kiss the dog. So, you know, these are the things that we struggle with ass caregivers. Things that are important, but time is running out. Things are important, but time is running out. And so what I'm trying to say is there's...

...plenty of time in the day, but sometimes, just like in traffic, delays happen, things happen to turn us off. So and, you know, in another direction. So you have to make sure that you have a cushion for those delays. Don't schedule yourself, you know, so backtoback too back. So things are important, but if you're running out of time, it could it could kind of test your patients. It could test your patients. Other people succede and we don't well, we don't know what they had to do to get to that success. And so now we're looking at, you know, the comparison trap, which can cause a lot of us to, you know, look at our own lives. So seeing other succeed in pursuing their goals while we are stuck is, you know, a way of some some ways where we can come impatient on our part. So don't get stuck that comparison trap. Number four, feeling overwhelm. I talked about this over time. You know how much you know, how much do we leave,... know, on the table feeling overwhelm? You know, we go from task to task and again I said we have to allow a cushion between the time. I had a friend of mine, rocky, say this morning I look at the space, she says, she looks at the space between the words. That was so powerful, looking at the space between the words. So what she's saying is is that if I look at the space between the words, that's going to make me stop and think about out the time and the space that I need to, you know, absorb the information, take it in, process it and then move on. If you don't give yourself time. If you don't give yourself time, then you're going to feel overwhelmed. Number five, we don't see the results as fast as we think we should. You know, let's say you know you want to lose weight, hint right here, and research shows that, you know, choosing my healthier diet, walking, exercising, and sometimes we don't see the results that...

...we used to see. Well, if you're older, you may not see the results that's you used to see when you were twenty. Your metabolism is different. You know, you may see inches and water loss versus weight loss, and you have to remember that that. You know, being sixty and being twenty, you're going to see differences so far as weight loss and how your body accepts, you know, the change in these habits that you you know that you're implementing. So if you don't see the result that you think you should see, you still got to be patient. Yet. Look, it took a couple of years aget all that weight on and it's going to take some time to get it off, honey, trust me, it's going to take some time. So don't set up here thing home. I'm like, I'm not come with anything, so I'm going to go back eating them Cheeto puffs? No, you got to keep going. There's a process. Some processes take a couple of days to complete and some processes sometimes take months...

...and years, and you have to account for that. We are tired and hungry. Anytime you are tired and hungry, you are most likely to lose your patience. You are irritable. You are irritable because your stomach is growling. You're irritable, so you have to recognize that. Okay, I have to eat at certain times of a day so that I'm not irritable and I'm not in patient. We talked about exercising and eating better. I know now, since I've changed my exercise and habits, that I have to eat. You know, I love breakfast. Breakfast is you know. I could skip everything else, but I love breakfast. So now I'm eating a big breakfast and then in the afternoon, coming back later with either a salad or a snack. I don't have to eat as much in the evening because I've exercised, usually in the morning or the evening, but I try to start off with a big breakfast. Some people may mate may need a big lunch or a big dinner, whatever the case may be. You have to know your...

...body because everybody is not under one standard so far as exercising and losing weight. So we've talked about the sixth the reasons why people struggle with in patience. We're going to run over those real quick. Our habits are disrupted. Things are important, but we're running out of time. We look at other people's success and we get in the comparison trap. We feel overwhelmed, we don't see the results as fast as we think we should and we are tired and hungry. Recognizing why we becoming patients the first step in pursuing a happier life filled with patient so consider some of these reasons makes make you don't have to implement all of me. If you do just one, I think it will help you on the road to recovery when it comes to inpatient I'm Ross Jones. Once again, thank you so much for listening to the Caregiver Cafe and what was brewing in my cup. Until your next visit to the caregiver cafe, connect with Ros on Youtube, Linkedin and her blog at the caregiver... dotnet. Caregiver Cafe podcast specializes in serving those who provide care and support to a sick or aging loved one. I'm the voice guy, but I'm one of you, so when Ross has on experts or frontline workers, I'm listening. We hope you've enjoyed the show. In the meantime, don't forget to connect with Ras on Youtube, linked in or at the blog at the caregiver cafe dotnet.

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