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Episode 4 · 8 months ago

03: Caregiving Is a Family Affair


When a loved one needs help and the whole family is affected. As the primary caregiver, how do you help your family come together in order to benefit the loved one?In this episode you'll learn:

  • How the main caregiver can work with family members to assist a loved one
  • Why it is important to balance caregiving responsibilities across family members
  • The need for designated roles amongst family members when caring for a loved ones    


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Hey Guys, how are you doing today? Can I get you started with something to drink? Is your aging loved one home alone forgetting to take medicine or pay bills? The Caregiver cafe with Ross Jones has a menu of resources to serve your caregiver needs. As a caregiver, Ros understands your daily challenges. This podcast focuses on the unique and dynamic issues of caregiving. Hi, my name is Roh Jones. I am the CEO and owner of Jessepville's Beth caregivers, where we help expand a the life of your loved one. Why do I do it? I do it to help the caregiver, to reduce that s os on their journey. And when you can't do it all, you give us a call. Today we come to you with our next episode of the Caregiver Cafe. So what's roasting on my mind today? What is roasting on my mind? So today we are talking about caregiving is a family affair. caregiving is a family affair. Oftentimes, you know, caring for... aging parent can get complicated, particularly when you have siblings and you guys need to work together. You know, there's a lot of times emotions are involved, there's conf you know, family conflicts. But what can you do? What can you do if you are going to be the main caregiver? What are you going to do to make sure that we reduce the chaos and caregiving? So you know, what are we going to to do to reduce the chaos and caregive ving? So let's talk about number one. What caught wood? Is causing some of the tension? What is causing some of the tension when it comes to taking care of an aging parent, aging uncle or even a friend? You know what is some of the tensions that going but we're particularly talking about the family. So let's understand the tension. You know, you know, are there on some unresolved issues? Is there as issue regarding long distance? is their issue with some people just aren't good caregivers,...

...and so there's other ways that you can get them to help. So let's get those unresolved issues, those tension. Now let's talk about the next thing is balancing caregiving responsibilities when one person is doing all the work. A lot of times when one sibling takes on the caregiving than everybody else scatters. I see this happen all the time. I see this happen all the time, even if you live in town. So safe. For instance, let's share the responsibilities some you know, one person may be living out of townelk, if you living out of town, can you come in maybe once or twice a year and give me a week off? Just give me some time off if I'm going to be the primary, if someone is designated as a primary, you know, can you give me some time off so that I, you know, will not burn out. So that's important. Even though you are a long distance sibling, you still can help, either by by coming... or you can even hire someone to come in and to take care of your mother and father and give that brother or sister or cousin or whoever, you know, arrest, you know. So that is so important. That is so important that you will be able, you know, to have that help. And then for the sibling that's in town, that person can do some cooking or running some errands so that everything is not on you, pick up medicine, maybe come over one day and clean, or in between, you know, having the respite care, they could maybe come in once a week and give you a day off. So, you know, those are some of the things that you can you know, do when it comes to being a family affair, when it's time to help that caregiver. These are some of the things that you all can implement as a family. Now let me say this. Everyone is not going to want to help with caregiving,...

...and so if that does happen, then it's time to look for outside resources. It's time to look for outside resources. So, once again, if, as I said, this is a family affair and when you are working with brothers and sisters or even stepbrothers and sisters, these are some of the things that you only need to sit down as a group and say, Hey, let's make a calendar, let's make up a plan of care, to see how we can spread this out so is not all on on person, and also to I say this all the time, if you feel like you cannot take care of this person, it's okay to say no. You know, set realistic expectations. Understand that. You know. You understand what you can and cannot do. What you can do, understand say this is what I can do within this seven days a week, you know, two or three days a week, and what I cannot meet, we're going to either...

...have to hire someone or we're going to have to figure something else out in order to make sure that your needs are met. So these are some of the things that you have to sit down with brothers and sisters. We have to understand we have to have designated roles. We have to have designated roles. Let me say it again, we have to have designated rolls. Rybody, so no one is crossing over, no one is bumping in, you know, to the other person. So we want to make sure that. We want to make sure about unresolved issues. We want to make sure that we have a care plan. Okay, I can do this, but I can't do that, and so I need help either from my brothers and sisters or we will have to outsort some of this and get and hire a caregiver. And then, finally, to you know, understand the fact that you know, I need to say no, and also to you know, if you can't do it, understand the limits and care. That's nothing I forgot... say. Understand the limits and care what you are and are not able to do. So I just wanted to bring some of those things up and make sure that you understand that caregiving is a family affair, but not all family members are part of that caregiving plan and so please don't have animosity towards your brother and sister if they said I can't do it. I rather for them to be honest then to take on the caregiving role and for them to be bitter about it and, you know, make it uncomfortable not only for the main caregiver but also for the person receiving care. Because, let me tell you something, if you're taking care of someone and you are not happy about it, it does reflect and how the type of care that you give to the person that you are taking care of. So, once again, make sure that you establish boundaries, make sure you establish roles and responsibilities, make sure that you have a care plan at least three to six months out...

...of the year so you know what's going on and constantly, constantly, sit down and keep people up to date. They are apps out there where you can keep up with one another, wonderful technology that will help you keep up with that, and we'll talk about that another time, but today I just wanted to talk about caregiving is a family affair. Once again. My name is Ron Jones. I am the proud, proud producer of the care of Caregiver Cafe podcast. If there is something roasting on your mind and you want us to address it, or you want a particular guess, please in the comment section or even email us and let us know. Please share this information downloaded. Share it, make the comments so that we can address your needs. Once again, I'm Ross Jones and thank you for listening to the Caregiver cafe. Until your next visit to the caregiver cafe, connect with Ros on...

Youtube, Linkedin and her blog at the caregiver cafe dotnet. Caregiver Cafe podcast specializes in serving those who provide care and support to a sick or aging loved one. I'm the voice guy, but I'm one of you, so when Ross has on experts or frontline workers, I'm listening. We hope you've enjoyed the show. In the meantime, don't forget to connect with Ras on Youtube, linked in or at the blog at the caregiver cafe dotnet.

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